Clearwater assembles production teams from among Canada’s finest cinematographers, editors, music composers and post-production specialists. Among the many, John Sereda and Bruce Cockburn have composed our film scores, Gemini-winning cinematographers Daron Donahue and Ron Orieux have shot our footage, and Gemini-winning editors Brenda Terning, Michèle Hozer and Adam Kidd have cut our films. Sigourney Weaver, Donald Sutherland, and Christopher Plummer have voiced our films, and we have collaborated with Farley Mowat, James Cameron and David Suzuki.

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Niobe Thompson

Clearwater co-founder Niobe Thompson is a Cambridge-trained anthropologist with a reputation for bringing cutting-edge science to the screen in ways that delight, inspire and sometimes shock his audiences. Code Breakers, his 2011 documentary on the earliest peopling of the Americas, won double Gemini Awards for “Best Cinematography” and “Best Science Documentary”, while the same year, Tipping Point: Age of the Oil Sands won two Gemini nominations, for “Best Direction” and “Best Social/Political Documentary”. Just two years earlier, Thompson’s Inuit Odyssey was awarded “Best Science Documentary” at the 2009 World Television Awards in Banff. In 2012, he directed, produced and hosted The Perfect Runner, now airing on CBC in Canada, and on ARTE and DR in Europe. Thompson also brought the BBC’s Frozen Planet into the Russian Arctic to shoot part of the latest David Attenborough nature spectacular, airing around the world in 2011 and 2012.

Niobe Thompson is a frequent keynote speaker on subjects ranging from human evolution to energy politics, and has published books on human rights and weapons proliferation.

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Tom Radford

Tom Radford’s career spans 35 years in the Canadian television and film industries as a writer, director, and producer portraying the distinctive character of the West and North to Canada and the world.  Winner of two Gemini awards and four Gemini nominations in 2011, Radford and his films have received awards from Banff to San Francisco, Toronto to Florence, leading to the Alberta Award of Excellence. His films include Inuit Odyssey, Tar Sands: Canada for Sale, Arctic Dreamer and Alberta Bound. He is the author of three books, including the bestselling Alberta, A Celebration. He founded the Northwest Studio of the National Film Board of Canada in Edmonton and was a founder of the National Screen Institute.

Sandra Tober

Sandra Tober has over 15 years experience in the documentary film industry as a writer, director, producer, and now as Director of Business Affairs.  After graduating from the University of Alberta (B.Sc.) and the Alberta College of Art and Design (B.F.A), she joined Karvonen Films Ltd. where she worked on over 30 documentaries, including such award winning projects as Land of the Ice Bear (1999) — a co-production with the National Film Board, Ancient Rainforest: land of giants (2002), and Circumpolar Bears (2005) — a co-production with Finland.  Sandra has been with Clearwater since 2009, and was Production Manager for all its films since that time, including the double Gemini award winner Code Breakers.

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Emma Radford

Emma Radford is an associate producer and production manager with over twelve years of experience in documentary production. A graduate of the University of Alberta, Radford was mentored at Alliance Atlantis, Rare Earth Media, and Clearwater Media, working with producers in every aspect of the production process. She continued as a project manager and assistant producer for the CBC special project Alberta Bound, and most recently with Edmonton-based Clearwater Documentary.

In recent years, she worked as production manager for the CBC documentary Lost Years and the Gemini nominee Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands. Additionally, she worked as production coordinator for the Gemini winner Code Breakers and post-production coordinator for the just-released CBC/ARTE production The Perfect Runner.